I recently returned from a visit to the US to visit family, friends, churches and supporters.  It was a wonderful time, and as always, emotional for me when it comes time to leave.  I've noticed that as missionaries living in a far away country, "home" takes on new meaning.  I've also experienced the feeling that I am always saying good-bye.  I had to say goodbye to my children, grandchildren, sister, best friend and so many.  Yesterday I said goodbye to American friends who came to visit us at Eagles Wings here in Africa.  Feeling settled is not easy. 
I have placed a slideshow here in this article that I used as a presentation and update of Greg's and my lives here in Kenya.  I hope you will enjoy it. 

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    Deb Snell

    I have lived in Kenya for 16 years and I still know very little!  Every day I experience things that change my presuppositions about how things should be and wonder why life isn't easier.  Living among people not from my American culture exposes me to these "teachable moments" - I learn something every day - the whys, the hows, the values, the lives of those living in mostly difficult situations.  I hope to give you a glimpse into the dilemma, the hope, the ever present questioning, the learning... in these occasional blog posts.


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